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We are specialist for smart repair of scuffs, scratches light panels work for cars, vans caravans, camper vans and horse boxes. We also do paintwork on classic cars and bikes. We also do trim repairs to seats and dashboard, for both old and new vehicles.

Car Paint

Modern Vehicles

We can detail a vehicle and bring it back to life, sometimes with just a polish and wax. We can carry out minor repairs to car paint damages etc. This is sometimes less than your policy excess, which saves making a claim on your insurance. We colour match to the original paintwork using the latest technology in paint application. We can also carry out end of lease paint correction.

S.M.A.R.T Repairs

We carry out S.M.A.R.T repairs (Small, Medium Area Repair Technology). For scuff, bumps and scratches on cars, vans, campers vans and caravans. We also provide paintwork to classic cars, kit cars, new or old, trim repairs to seats, dash and other parts of internal trim. We can re-trim your old interior in cloth or leather as required.

Hydro Dipping

Most items on a vehicle can be hydro dipped with a design of your choice. The most common parts would be door handles, interior trim items i.e armrests, dashboard and under bonnet detailing to rocker cover, air boxes etc – the list is endless. Just give us a call to see what we can do to meet your requirements.

Custom Paint Work

We at Boss Paint Finishers believe anything is possible, its just imagination which is the key! We will paint or dip instruments, depending on complexity. Some cannot be done i.e due to size, but we will take on most items from a vase to various household items needing a new lease of life. This could include anything such as statues, chairs, tables bikes, skateboards, motorcycles, kit cars, surfboard, jet skis and so on.
We can also do custom artwork to any paintable surface.

Remember it costs nothing to ask!

Trim Services

Here at Boss Paint Finishers, we can put new life into car seats, boat trims, motorcycle seats, van seats – leather or vinyl. This can be as bespoke as you like.

Motor Home Repairs

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About Us

Welcome to Boss Paint Finishers LTD. We have an experienced team who have over 35 years hand on experience in their own professional field.

We are specialist for repair of scuffs, scratches light panel damage for cars, vans caravans, camper vans and horse boxes. We also do paintwork on classic cars and bikes. We do trim repairs to seats and dashboards, for both old and new vehicles.

We do all kinds of work at a very reasonable rate, sometimes even less than the excess on your insurance policies.

Our friendly staff are always on hand for advice and a no obligation quote, to keep your vehicle looking good. Vehicle paintwork and detailing is also carried out by us, if the paint work is dull and just need bringing back to life again!

Pop in or feel free to give us a call for your requirements, we can paint other things as well, like instruments, jet skis, motor cycles and an endless list of items sitting in you garage. Visit us and we are sure to surprise you.

  • Hydro Dipping

    Thanks to Boss Paint Finishers, because of hydro dipping, my bike is a one of a kind. Turned out awesome!

    – Sammer ‘Rodeo’ Turner

    Hydro Dipping
  • Car Restoration

    The painting team at Boss Paint has the eyes and the hands of true craftsmen. They can manipulate wood and metal as if they were made of sponge.

    – Tim Rod

    Car Restoration
  • Car Paint Job

    I can highly recommend Boss Paint Finishers as a an expert for anything paint related. They are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and customer service is top quality. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

    – Rob

    Car Paint Job

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